High Speed Internet Is Good


Why High Speed Internet is Essential


In today’s society, technology evolves virtually faster than we can keep up. It seems as though just as people start to get acclimated to one ground breaking technological innovation, the next one comes through. At the backbone of all this progression is one, monumental tool: the internet. It follows suit then that internet service should be fast enough to keep up with this changing dynamic. However, millions of people across America are still using dial – up internet, as opposed to high speed internet. Is it really necessary for them to change over to high speed internet service?   The simple and short answer is yes. In order for dial-up to work, there must be a land line. However, as cell phones progress in efficiency and usage, less and less people rely on landlines for communication. Many people now own a cell phone as their home phone and do not bother with land lines at all. As this trend increases, land line service providers make less and less money, and the number of providers is slowly decreasing. In other words, land line service seems to be going the way of the 8 track tape – phased out except for in a few key places. This means that the ability for individuals to use dial-up internet is going to be less and less as well.   Along the same lines, more and more material is being digitized. CDs are harder and harder to come by as music distributors focus their efforts more on I-tunes and other digital media outlets. Most television programs are also found online, and video stores such as Blockbuster are being replaced by online stores such as Netflix. Even communication is changing, with the advent of social networking tools such as Facebook and Twitter. All of these “standards” in society, however, are designed for a world with high speed internet, not dial-up. The video on Netflix and flash images found on Facebook cannot be viewed with a dial-up connection. Downloading a song from I-tunes, a process that takes mere seconds with high speed internet, can be an hour long endeavor with dial-up. It is simply not productive.   Another thing to consider is educational advancement. With the failing economy and loss of jobs, many established adults are going back to school to either advance or change their careers. However, these adult students often have families and other responsibilities that make regular classroom hours next to impossible to acclimate to. As a result, more and more people are getting online degrees, allowing them to pursue their education on their own time. Many universities have established ‘distance learning’ programs that allow individuals to take courses online and some accredited universities, such as the University of Phoenix, are entirely online. Trying to navigate these courses with a dial-up connection is next to impossible. Any flash images or video cannot be viewed on a dial up connection, and interactive class discussions, which are often required in online courses, become very difficult when you try to respond in a timely manner to a class full of individuals who have a high speed connection.   The world is not going to slow down. Technology will only progress more and more, making high speed internet more and more essential. When it comes down to it, however, it is the choice of each household and individual to make the change. Will you switch and meet the need for speed?