Fight Slow Internet

Things That Can Slow Your Internet Down

Even with high speed Internet and wireless Internet, from time to time you will experience a lag in your Internet’s speed. This should not be a constant issue though. Here I will list some things that can cause your connection to be slower than usual so that should the problem occur for you, you can help determine what’s causing it.

  • Connection Type. The biggest influence on the speed of your internet is your connection. Without a doubt dial-up will have the slowest connection. DSL is faster than dial-up, but not as fast as a cable or wireless connection, however wireless will not always be faster. The speed of wireless is associated with the strength of the signal you’re picking up. Several providers are now using Fiber Optic Service or FiOS. This method connects to the Internet using light over an optical network and still connects to your computer via copper wire. FiOS provides faster speeds.
  • Issues such as viruses & spyware. Viruses and spyware are the most common causes of slow Internet behavior. Spyware causes conflict because it takes over your Internet connection. Several spyware programs running at once can cause you to lose your connection completely. You should run an antispyware program on a regular basis to keep your computer free of spyware.

Viruses install a computer code which will reproduce itself by sending copies of itself through the e-mail. This can also decrease the performance of your Internet. Most viruses don’t show any distinct signs that they are hiding out on your computer so to be sure you’re always protected, always keep an antivirus program running. Internet speed can also be disturbed by other issues such as the amount of memory your computer has, the programs you have running, how much space is on the hard drive and the condition that the hard drive is in, and add-on programs.

  • Other issues that decrease speed.  Some things you just cannot control, no matter how fast your connection is. Sometimes websites have so many visitors on their site that their pages may not load as fast as usual and you experience a delay. This isn’t caused by anything on your part. This just means that the website was not prepared for so much web traffic.

A few other things that will slow you down are virus outbreaks and congestion. Congestion is when several people are trying to use the Internet at the same time. The most common time for congestion is after school. To steer clear of slow internet connection, make sure you do everything on your end to prevent slow speed. Run your antivirus and antispyware programs every day and make sure to close out all programs that are not essential to what you’re doing. Slow connection cannot be avoided 100% of the time but if you do your part, it will be more bearable.