Please keep in mind we are like the telephone company. We get the line to the location and are responsible for maintaining that connection. We can maintain your computer(s) or network for an arrival fee of $60(Decatur & Surrounding Areas) or $120(Peoria & Surrounding Areas) plus $30/hr upon arrival.
If you seem to lose connection with the wireless

    1. Re-boot your radio: follow the Ethernet cable that is coming from the antenna on your roof (blue or gray cable) to what is called a power injector. It will have one Ethernet cable going into it and one coming out. It will also have a black, round power supply plug. Pull this out from the power injector, wait 15-20 seconds and plug back in. Check your Internet connection.
      Re-boot your router (if you are using one).
      Pull black power supply cord out from the router, waite 15-20 seconds, and plug back in.
      Re-boot your computer.