Avoid these 6 Big Wi-Fi Security No No’s


Here's a great little read on the importance of wireless security. Many routers that come from Walmart or Best Buy today are already set up for security out of the box. Another thing this helps with is keeping your neighbor from stealing your internet connection. Read more on how to keep your IL Internet connection running great by using the right security measures.


Encrypting your wireless network is essential for two reasons: to keep unauthorized people from connecting to it, and to prevent eavesdropping on your Internet traffic. If random people can connect, they may be able to access your shared folders and other network resources. If they can eavesdrop, they may be able to capture your passwords or hijack your websites and/or services accounts that you log into that don't use SSL encryption.

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Remember WEP security is not secure, and it can be cracked easily. At a bare minimum you should use the Personal (PSK) mode of WPA or WPA2 security — preferably WPA2. It will encrypt your traffic and prevent unauthorized access. This mode is still susceptible to brute force cracking, so make sure you create and use a strong encryption password (called a passphrase). Use a long password (up to 63 characters), mix upper and lower case letters, and add in special characters, too.


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